December 7, 2009

Following the post I made about red lipsticks, I thought I also do a quick review of my bright pink lipsticks. I'm a huge fan of blue based bright pink lipsticks. I find that they open up my face and always make me feel fresh and happy. Like my red lipsticks, I have accumulated quite a few bright pinks as well which I am swatching for you.

Once again, please excuse the lack of perfect lighting. I need to figure out how to swatch without the sunlight as it seems like it's always cloudy/rainy/snowy here. So for now here we go, first swatches on the arm:

Left to right: OCC Pageant, Gladiola, Show Orchid, Pomposity, Girl About Town

And now to the lip swatches/reviews:

1. Girl About Town (Perm)
This permanent bright pink lipstick is part of MAC's permanent line and has a creamy amplified cream texture. It glides on you lips very easily and is quite pigmented. I would say this lip colour has a tiny bit of red in it and I don't find it particularly cool or warm toned. It shouldn't be a particularly difficult shade for anyone to pull off. Girl About Town was part of my first MAC lipstick haul (along with Blankety) and it holds a special place in my heart.

2. Pomposity (LE)
I picked up this frosty slightly purple lipstick with C-Shock release back in 2007. I think this lipstick was re-released again last year with the holiday collection though. Pomposity is a frost and one of the frostier ones out there too. I actually always wear it with a hot pink lipgloss like Magnetique or Love Alert on top. I'm just not a huge fan of frosty looking lips but this colour is so pretty that I still purchased it. It has a little bit of blue reflects in it so I would imagine it would look hot under Fantabulous d/g (which I unfortunately don't own).

3. Show Orchid (Pro)
Show Orchid is actually my brightest pink MAC lipstick, but coz of bad lighting it looks a little bit washed out in this picture. I would suggest if you were going to own one hot pink lipstick, make it Show Orchid. It's a gorgeous blue based hot pink and has the most amazing creamy texture. I tend to reach for this lipstick the most out when it comes to selecting a bright pink lippie.

4. Gladiola (LE)
Gladiola is a lot like Show Orchid except it appears slightly cooler in tone and hence seems more purple. This beauty was released with Dame Edna collection last year and has a matte texture. For a matte lipstick though, this goes on very smooth and is the least drying in my matte lipstick collection. I like this one better on myself when I have a tan but I still wear it occasionally in fall/winter as well.

5. OCC Pageant Lip Tar
I grabbed this lip tar at IMATS and I'm totally blown away by how bright and pigmented this is. I mean I thought Show Orchid was bright until I got Pageant! You really need a tiny amount of product to achieve full opacity. This is a warmer based hot pink lipstick that can be worn on its own or layered with other tars/lip glosses. If you want a super hot pink lip product, this is for you. It's definitely not a pink lipstick for the faint in heart.

Hope you guys enjoyed the swatches. Let me know if you have any questions about any of these or want to see these layered with other products.

2 Responses to "My Hot Pink Lipsticks"

  1. Nepenthe Says:

    These are all gorgeous.. I actually did a similar swatch for deeper pinks a few days ago and it is mind boggling how the OCC blows the others out of the water in terms of intensity.

    Thanks for sharing. :]

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    that's def true about the tars :) the only thing is that I find u def need a liner with them...and I'm waaaay too lazy for that most of the time, haha!

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