July 15, 2010

Hey guys! I'm still feeling sick so today has not been the best day, but blogging shall go on, lol! It's still pretty hot here too, so I have no idea why all of the sudden I'm craving fall makeup. It might be the heat exhaustion!

Fall is my favourite season for everything beauty. My favourite shades to wear are vampy and deep shades like burgundy, black, blood red, navy and deep purple. I was a semi-goth as a teenager and I guess I never really left that behind. I've been browsing Temptalia site for fall collections and Chanel and Nars collections really appeal to me so far:

1. Chanel Les Contrast de Chanel

Isn't the promo pic stunning? This collection includes some nice and dark e/s and surprisingly bright and summary lip colour. You can see the whole colour story over at Temptalia but I have my eyes on:

- Enigma quad: this quad of smokey shade is just yummy looking. It has the potential of being my first Chanel quad
- Cassis e/l - this is a plum shade and I don't say no plum. Best colour for hazel peepers IMO
- Paradoxal - a gray violet nail polish? sign me up!
- Taupe Gris e/s - I love me some taupe!

2 Nars Fall 2010

Just drooling over that purple e/s in the promo pic. First thing I'm picking up! Lucky for me Nars rolls their LE products into their perm line and Chanel's fall stuff will be mostly perm. I want:

- Daphne e/s - the hottie purple shade. I adore Nars pigmented eyeshadows
- Mangover e/s - looks like a yummy yellow
- Tzarine e/s duo - peachy and charcoal goodness

Are you already looking forward to fall? What makeup collections are you most excited about?

2 Responses to "I'm lusting for: Chanel and Nars fall collections"

  1. Katrina Stanford Says:

    I definitely want to get Paradoxal! Looks like an awesome nail polish shade. After reading your post, I might go get some e/s as well. Can't wait till they are released!


  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Kat - Paradoxal doesn't look like anything I have so I'm excited :) I really wish these were here already

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