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August 14, 2009

The lovely Zerin has tagged me to list all of my back-ups along with pictures. The thing is, I hardly ever buy backups. I only ever bought two back-ups: Feline Kohl pencil and Solar White e/s.

I'm already out of both of my Felines :( and for Solar White I'm on my second one already. Feline is just the darkest black pencil ever so for a person like me who likes smokey eyes it's a must. Thankfully it will be re-promoted with the D'Squared collection this fall.

Solar White is a beautiful white gold shimmery e/s that I adore. I bought one last year with the Cool Heat release and realized that I'm using it a lot. So I ran and got another one whilst the collection was still out. It is very similar to Vanilla pigment (which I also own) but a little bit prettier, lol! Here's a picture of my backup:


To be honest, most of my favourite MAC products are from the perm and pro line. I do have favourites from LE collections but by the time I run out of them (which is hardly ever), I find another product that I like. So I'm not a back-up person per say. However, I would say that I would die if they DC'd any of the following Perm and Pro colours. I would get x10 back-ups, lol!

- Painterly p/p
- Blankety l/s
- Ruby Woo l/s
- Up the Amp l/s
- Show Orchid l/s
- Nymphette l/g
- Blan Type /s
- Freshwater e/s
- Gorgeous Gold e/s
- Bio-Green e/s
- Plumage e/s
- Cork e/s

Ok, so now to the tagging! I'm gonna tag:





Lipstick Rules!

Get started on posting your back-up girls!

10 Responses to "Back-up Tag!"

  1. Zerin (XinaRox) Says:


  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    I know, it's one of my faves :)

  3. Michelle @Lipstickrules Says:

    I love Solar White too! Thanks for tagging me!
    I will try to do it today.


  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Michelle - cool, I can't wait to see your list :)

  5. BRosa Says:

    Okay, I'm writing down a list and will post soon...but is a short list a think, lol.

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Beda - is it shorter than mine? lol!

  7. Niki Says:

    Gorgeous Gold! Plumage! Cork! wonderful colors!! :) Gorgeous gold does disappoint me though bc it's not very pigmented and veluxe pearl is my favorite finish!

    Do you have any recommendations for other eyeshadows to wear with Gorgeous gold?

    I followed! :)


  8. Shadowy Lady Says:

    BollywoodWonder9 - Thanks for following :)
    you are right Gorgeous Gold is not as pigmented but I find it still very versatile. I especially like it coz it's a green gold (duochromes). I wear it usually on the inner 1/3 of my lid with colours like Freshwater, Teal, Aquadisiac, Humid or even purples like MUFE NO.92.
    My favourite way to wear GG is: GG on lid, Amber Lights in the crease and Bright Fuchsia to on the lower lashline

  9. Niki Says:

    Guess what!! I wore GG out last night! :) I wore it with Tropic NARS and Plumage. I posted pictures!

    Also, I went out and bought blankety l/s only to realize Honey love is VERY VERY similar to it ( I own it) but they are both gorgeous colors! :)

  10. Shadowy Lady Says:

    BollywoodWonder - you'll love GG. I have both Blankety and Honeylove. They are different on me though, Blankety is pinker so it flatters my skintone more as I have red undertones (NW30). I wear Honeylove a lot in the summer though when I'm tanner.
    Off to check out your look...

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