August 21, 2009

I got a chance to stop at a MAC counter yesterday evening to check out the new MAC collection, Makeup Art Cosmetics. I went in to either buy nothing or only get a quad. I tend to read many reviews and look at as many swatches as I can so my spending is more controlled, lol. Anyway, in brief, this is a pretty decent size collection that offers something for everyone. The only problem is, if you've been an avid MAC collector for sometime (like me), there are not too many stand outs. My favourite products were the eyeshadow quads and Crest the Wave eyeshadow.

Here's my two cents on this collection:

I didn't even bother swatching the Frost lipsticks. I am not a big fan of Frosts and plus one of them (I believe High Strong) is Perm. The Lustre lipsticks were pretty and very fall appropriate, I was actually tempted by them and swatched them on my hands. I was disappointed that with the exception of Fully Body, they apply very sheerly. Instant skip for me. I already have 2 vampy shades from last years Cult of Cherry and I will wait for Style Black to get my vampy fix for this year.

The only lipgloss that didn't look like something we've seen 100 times in the past was On Display. It's a gorgeous burgundy shade and applies so pigmented and rich. I was going to pick it up when I realized it reminds me a lot of Jampacked, also released with Cult of Cherry. I put the lipglass down for now. I will go back this weekend with my Jampacked to compare them side by side.

These are four beautiful shades of pigmented technakohls. They are all beautiful and bold colour and apply very smooth. I skipped them all coz I make my own colour liners when I need to. I use a gel mixing medium I bought from MAC Pro and any of my pigments and they last on me all day. If you're too lazy for that (lol!) or don't have access to MAC Pro for the mixing medium, def pick up some of these. I especially loved Colour Matters which is a chartreuse green.

This collection offers 6 eyeshadow singles out of which only two are new. I would say skip Violet Trance, it looks gorgeous in the pan but it's so freakin chalky. Invest in some MUFE instead. Same with Maira's Mood. I think MUFE makes better pinks and purples. Maybe get MUFE #26 instead of Maira's Mood and MUFE #92 instead of Violet Trance. Haunting is a beautiful aqua blue which also doesn't apply well. It also reminds me of a cross between Aquadisiac and Mutiny. Off the Page is a gorgeous shimmery orange. I didn't pick it up coz I don't wear orange that much and I already have some MAC sample orange pigments as well as MUFE #11 and #5.
My favourite eyeshadow was Crest the Wave, previousely released with Naughty Nautical quad. It's a gorgeous plae shimmery yellow. I have a thing for shimmering pastel shades so I picked it up.

The Perfect Cheek is a very pale chalky pink. Not my type of colour. It showed up on my inner arm which is probably an NW25, but I doubt it's show on my super tan summer face which is possibly an NW35 now. Notable is very pigmented but again not my type of colour. It's a redish brown. I'm thinking if you're NC40 or higher you might enjoy this one.

Pigments and Glitters
I skipped the glitters right off the bat since they're all pro products. Out of the pigments I already have Heritage Rouge (but if you don't GET IT!!), the most gorgeous burnt burgundy colour. Cocomotion is beautiful and I might pick it up later. I skipped Push the Edge coz I have enough purples in my arsenal. Brash and Bold is a beautiful shimmering fuchsia, but too close to Bright Fuchsia for me to be interested in.

Eyeshadow Quads
This was my favourite part of the launch. I have never bought any pre-made MAC quads and was determined to loose my quad virginity to these beautiful things, lol! I loved all three quads, I personally picked up Photo Realism coz it's full of Velux Pearls and Frosts tw of my favourite finishes. Also, Photo realism is more of a subdude green quad which makes it perfect for fall. Notority (neural quad) and In the Gallery (purple quad) are also beautiful. It just comes down to personal preference. I thought all three quads had colours that were very complimentary of each other and based on the pictures I've seen in InStyle, all three are very "fall 2009".

I don't have any swatches unfortunatly coz it's an overcast day. But if you want, please let me know and I swatch what I bought. Here's a picture of my haul:


9 Responses to "My Thoughts on Makeup Art Cosmetics"

  1. maya Says:

    Oh, I really can't wait to get my hands on photo realism. Are you able to take out the individual pans from the quad and place them into a 15 pan palette?

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Maya - you will love this quad :) I haven't tried to see if you can take them out or not. But I will see when I get home today. Worst comes to worse, you can depot the quad the same way you depot normal eyeshadow pots

  3. Shayla Says:

    I was looking at that quad, but decided not to get it. Just went with Violet Trance and Off the Page...

  4. maya Says:

    I am even thinking about ordering it online, so I can get it faster and cheaper ;)
    Please, let us know if the pans pop out. That would be such a bonus.

  5. Arshia Says:

    the weirdest thing but u have the SAME thoughts as i did about the collection! haha

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Shayla - you guys don't have MUFE in Edmonton? If so get MUFE No.92, it's a much better purple than Violet Trance :)

    Maya - so I checked and the pan don't pop out :( i guess they're glued to the bottom of the quad. However, you can depot them still, there's tones of tutorial on YT on how to do it. Check out this one:

    Arshia - hey so nice to see you here pretty girl :) I guess great minds think alike ;)

  7. maya Says:

    Thanks for checking. I have depotted before, but every time I do it I am scared a peace of precious eyeshadow will chip off. LOL
    I ordered the quad anyway. It looks so gorgeous.

  8. Shayla Says:

    We have MUFE (we have TWO Sephoras, after all), I just haven't fallen in love with anything of theirs yet aside from the HD foundation.

  9. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Shayla - you have two sephoras??? I iz jealous! aww, I'm actually becoming quite a MUFE addict, I especially love their bright matte eyeshadows :)

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