Aug 11, 2009

Ok, I have another swatch installment here. I'm not very happy with how these look in pictures. We've been cursed with cloudy skies pretty much every day this summer. So just imagine these a lil brighter to get the real life effect, lol!

Moving on to the swatches, first we have the golden eyeshadows:
Left to right: Amber Lights, Goldmine, Gorgeous Gold, Bright Sunshine (LE)

Next, orange and peach eyeshadows:
Left to right: Expensive Pink, d'Bohemia (LE), Evening Aura (LE), All that Glitters

Moving on to the gold pigments:
Left to right: Gold (PRO), Golden Lemon, Old Gold, Blonde's Gold (PRO)

Gold/coral/orange pigments:
Left to right: Electric Coral (PRO), Off the Radar (LE), Melon, Antique Gold (PRO), Rose Gold (PRO)

I now only have 3 more MAC eyeshadow/pigment swatch session left. After that we'll be moving on to the lipsticks.

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  1. Unknown Says:

    I'm looking for a yellow shade that will match shimmermoss and parfait amour... would georgeous gold be the right shade?

    ps. I'm engineering student and beauty addicted too :)

    let's talk and share interest sometimes

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