August 21, 2009

I broke out my brand new Photorealism quad today to do a subtle green look. I also used Crest the Wave, again subtly. I decided against dark lips coz it's still summer and I wanna enjoy the nude lips some more. But I think this look will be perfect with a lipstick like Kirch Mattene, lol!

Same as usual
Love Joy mb

Delft p/p - base
Fresh Approach e/s - crease
Image Maker e/s - lid
Gray Range e/s - to line and blended with Image Maker, lower lashline
Photo Realism e/s - highlight
Crest the Wave e/s - tear duct (lightly)






4 Responses to "Subtle Greens Using Photo Realism"

  1. Michelle (Lipstick Rules) Says:

    so pretty!

    I can't wait to use this quad :-)

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Michelle - thanks :) I can't wait to see your look with this quad

  3. Hannah Says:

    Sick! I love this look, and putting it over Delft looks great!! I also got the Photorealism quad and Crest the Wave (great minds think alike!) as well as Noteriety and the perfect cheek blush. I can't wait to use it all---I'm wearing Noteriety today.

    Have you checked out the Estee Lauder paintpot type dupes? I have one called Sea Mist that looks like a bluey-green that I think I'll use as a base for Photorealism!

    Love it!

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Hannah - I know we have such similar hauls! I haven't got a chance to see the Estee Lauder p/p's, but I've heard great things about them. I have one creaseless e/s from Benefit that's kinda like a paint pot and it doesn't crease, but I think paint pots are creamier. How creamy are the Estee lauder ones?
    Glad you liked the look, I have a difficult time with subtle looks, lol!

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