August 17, 2009

I thought I do my first installment of things I'm loving this month. Obviously, this is not an original idea as many bloggers already talk about their monthly faves. But I thought I blog about mine as well, it could help someone out there with similar features/preferences. We're going through a very hot a humid phase here in Ottawa so this post is probably just in time.

1. Fad-dabulous mineralized blush (LE - Colour Craft)
I was not very impressed with Colour Craft. I did think all the blushes were super pretty though. I picked up Fad-dabulous coz it's unlike anything in my stash. It's a golden coral type of colour and it really flatters my skin right now (I'm tanner obviousely). I general have a hard time with this types of colours in fall/winter due to the pink pigments in my skin, but I've been using this one a lot. It's my no brainer blush of the summer.

2. Sun spille Loose Beauty Powder (LE - Of Beauty)
This gorgeous peach gold beauty powder was released with MAC's Of Beauty in 2007 and it has since been another summer favourite. I used it all the time last summer and I still love it this summer. This beauty powder is pigmented enough to be worn on it's own but I love to layer it on top of Fad-dabulous. I use my 187 to apply all my loose beauty powders.

3. Artifact p/p (Perm)
This is the most gorgeous burgundy paint pot and the texture is amazing. I've noticed that some paint pots are creamier than other and Artifact (along with Painterly and Fresco Rose) are definitely among the best textures. I'm loving all things burgundy and shimmery this summer so Artifact has been getting lotsa love. It looks gorgeous under reds, burgundies, pinks, golds, oranges, name it. It also looks amazing as a liner.

4. Creme de Miel e/s (LE - Naked Honey)
Creme de Miel was the only product I purchased from Naked Honey and how I love it! It's a beautiful golden cream colour and looks amazing in the tear duct and as brow highlight, especially with the warm looks I've been doing lately. The texture is also amazing and a dream to work with. Use your 224 to apply this in the tear duct and below the brows and you're set!

5. Honeylove l/s (Perm)
Honeylove is the perfect nude lipstick for tan skin. It's a beige nude colour with no pink. The matte texture makes it long lasting and since I'm too lazy too re-apply lipstick too often, I love matte lipsticks. I've been rocking the combo of Honeylove and Gold Rebel a lot this summer. I still love my Blankety, but Honeylove is my summer nude.

What are everyone's summer favourites?

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