Aug 6, 2009

As promised, I was able to swatch my entire pink/purple MAC eyeshadows and swatches yesterday and have them ready for today. These are again applied dry with no base on my super tan arm (I have no idea what shade my arm is now, it used to be NW30, lol).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Set 1 - pink eyeshadows
Left to right: Stars n Rockets, Post Haste (DC), Ego (LE), Sunset B (LE)

Set 2 - purple eyeshadows
Left to right: Graphology (DC), Top Hat (LE), Poison Pen (DC), Illegal Cargo (LE)

Set 3 - pigments
Left to right: Bright Fuchsia (PRO), Violet, Pink Pearl (PRO), Pink Opal

Set 4 - more pigments
Left to right: Apricot Pink (LE), Accent Red (LE), Fuchsia, Bright Fuchsia (PRO)

2 Responses to "MAC Pink/Purple Swatches"

  1. Miss Neesh Says:

    I just want to thank you for your swatch posts!

    I love to check out what products looks like on real people rather than "swatches" on a website.

    It really helps as I'm trying to grow my MAC collection but it gets expensive if you start buying things that end up not working in real life.

    Thanks again, I love your makeup posts too - I'm so envious of your long thick lashes!


  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Miss Neesh - thank you for your kind comments :) I was hoping the swatch posts would help someone because when i first started collecting, I bought a lot of stuff that ended up looking quite different in real life. I will be posting more swatches this weekend. Once the eyeshadows/pigments are done, I will move on to lipsticks :)

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