August 23, 2009

I had totally forgotten about my swatching project yet again! But here we are with the next installment, MAC's teal eyeshadows and swatches. Teal is my personal favourite colour to wear on my eyes, especially when combined with greens and blues. I adore the mermaid look, makes me think of summer. Since summer is so short in our beloved Canada, you get to appreciate these colours more.

One note, Plumage and Deep Blue Green appear more black in these swatches. IRL, when combined with colours of the same family, you can see the teal in them much more clearly. I recommend a base like MAC's Delft or Greenstroke paintpot under these babies.

Here we go, once again, all on NW30 skin with no base:

Left to right: Deep Blue Green (Pro), Teal, Plumage, Jewel Blue (DC), Aquadisiac, Gulf Stream (LE)

Hope this helped someone :)

2 Responses to "MAC Teal Swatches"

  1. *~mad munky~* Says:

    Ooh - I like jewel blue :o)

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    I know, it's one of my favourite colours :)

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