January 26, 2010

It's that time of the month again, I mean it's time to list my fave products of the months and state why they made it to top five. Based on the survey I had about ppl's fave type of posts on Beautyspot, my favourites seemed to be popular so this will be reoccurring post near the end of each month.

Here's the picture of everything together:

1. Nars Damned matte velvet pencil
This lipstick has been on my blog's side bar for a month now as "product of the moment". There is a reason for that. Nars Damned is the most gorgeous garnet shade I've ever seen. I tend to wear lotsa darker lips in colder weather and this colour is just perfect. Another plus is the ease of application with the velvet pencil. You don't really need a liner and the texture is sorta satiny so it doesn't dry lips like other mattes. Nars Damned is a bit pricey but I know I will buy it again when I run out. I've had it since late November and it's been used quite a lot.

2. Annabelle Flame Lip Liner
I just recently gotten into the habit of wearing lipliners and I must say that it makes a huge difference when I'm wearing red, fuchsia or dark lips. I started using Annabelle's liners coz I hears good things about them from fellow Canadians and I also loved the price. I gotta says I was not disappointed. Annabelle's Flame lip liner is especially my favourite as I did tones of red lips/retro looks this January and this liner worked under all of my red lippies; from deeper ones to bright blue tone ones. As of now I have three of their lipliners but I will definitely be getting more.

3. Bobbi Brown Cobalt Ink Gel Liner
I've never met a navy coloured eyeliner I didn't like. But I love the texture and ease of application of Bobbi Brown's gel liners. They're much like MAC's fluidlines but there are more colours to choose from and it's also a bit longer lasting. I love this particular shade (and all dark blues), as I find lining my lids with dark blue really brings them out the golden flecks in my eyes or you can say makes my eyes pop!

4. MAC Light Affair Nail Polish
This gorgeous pale gray with touches of lavender shade was released with MAC's Love Lace on Boxing Day. I usually have a soft spot for "interesting" (read: unique) soft shades and this nail polish immediately caught my attention. I don't usually buy MAC nail polishes but this shade was just too chic to pass up. I also love how it applies and lasts on my nails. I've been wearing Light Affair at least once a week and that's a lot for someone with my nail polish stash. I find it super flattering on my skintone.

5. Makeup Forever #39 Eyeshadow
This gorgeous matte wine shade was one of my most used eyeshadows in January. I love how pigmented it is and how smoothly it applies and blends. I find that this particular wine shade is very versatile so I have paired it with greens, blues, purples, golds....you name it. Everyday I have to resist the urge of wearing MUFE #39 again. I love all matte MUFE colours but this particular one gets lotsa love from me these days.

Have you tried any of these products? What were your favourite January products?

5 Responses to "January Favourites"

  1. Zerin Says:

    Great Post! I love those Nars matte lip pencils too! I think I should have monthly favourite posts as well to start off the new year.

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks Zering :) u totally should. I love hearing everyone's monthly faves!

  3. Shifa Says:

    I love the nars pencil in sex kitten. its the perfect pink :)

  4. Chibu74 Says:

    love MUFE e/s...its a gorgeous color

  5. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Shifa - agreed with Sex Machine, beautiful pink :)

    Chibu74 - I know! Isn't it the best burgundy ever?

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