March 23, 2010

I received my highly anticipated Sugarpill Cosmetics package yesterday and thought to share my swatches and thoughts with you guys. I ordered directly from their website

I must say that this was a pleasant hauling experience from the get go. Amy the owner who goes by Shrinkle is super sweet, she thanked me on Twitter for my order and I received my package in less than a week (record time for Canada). I ordered three Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows in Goldilux, Junebug and Royal Sugar. It came to $44 shipping included. Here's a picture of everything:


Goldilux - is absolutely the best gold pigment I've ever laid my eyes on. This is coming from someone who's a big fan of gold in general and yet I find Golidlux quite unique. It has hints of bronze to it and is super shimmery and pretty....oh I cannot rave enough about this one. It looks gorgeous dry and wet.

Junebug - is a dark forest green with silver and black flecks mixed in. This is a stunning shade when used wet. I don't have a green quite like this in my collection. I cannot wait to do a smoldering green smokey eye with this!

Royal Sugar - as the name implies is a royal blue but what makes this one unique is the silver and blue sparkles that are very apparent when used wet. Another gorgeous shade.

These pigments are very finely milled and you might get a little bit of fall off as it's common with loose shadows in general. I did not experience any excessive fallout though. Junebug and Royal Sugar are more vibrant when used wet (with home made mixing medium), though Goldilux is still stunning dry. All colours apply smoothly and you don't need much to get an intense colour. One technique when using wet pigments is to set them with the same pigment but dry so you get a longer lasting colour. I find this technique works with chunkier pigments (like MAC Rose) as well as finely milled pigments like Sugarpill or OCC.

I also love the packaging, it's plastic container in a cylinder shape. The top is a screw on with Sugarpill logo imprinted on. Much like MAC pigments, there's no stiffer on these so you gotta be careful with them so you won't spill any. I find that the jars sit quite nicely amongst my MAC pigments. Like a nice happy family.

The only con besides Junbug and Royal Sugar needing to be used wet is that I noticed my Junbug pigment wasn't filled to the top like the other two. I don't know if that's cause they're sold by weight or not. But I will email Amy and ask her.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my order. Check out the next post for a look I did using Goldilux. I probably will place another order within the next month of so.

See below for product photo, swatches and comparisons.


Goldilux dry on the left, wet on the right

Left to right: MAC Rose Gold, MAC Gold, Sugarpill Goldilux and OCC Auric


Junebug dry on the left, wet on the right

Left to right: Naked Cosmetics Ebony Stalk (green shade), Sugarpill Junebug

Royal Sugar

Royal Sugar dry on the left, wet on the right

Left to right: Sugarpill Royal Sugar, MAC Blue Flame MES

Have you guys tried anything from Sugarpill Cosmetics? What did you think of it? If you haven't tried their products, is there anything you're interested in?

7 Responses to "Sugarpill Haul and Swatches"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Junebug looks so pretty! I've never tried the brand but I think I should!

  2. Zerin Says:

    That gold is SOO PRETTY! ME WANT NOW!

  3. Ash Says:

    Thanks for the review and swatches..i was really liking the quads they carry, so pretty and vibrant..regardin the pigments from you pics i think, to get the colour in the pot you have to apply them foiled, except for the gold, will pass on the pigments for now coz i think i have dupes from mac...enjoy your sugar pill goodies:)

  4. Abby Q. Says:

    Junebug does look a bit empty. But it's very pretty! Love these loose e/s!

  5. ShiningSttar Says:

    Ok so I didnt scroll down far enough to see you already had reviewed these lmao! But seeing these swatches makes me want some!! Junebug is totally up my alley!!! *sigh* my wallet hates me between this and just discovering Glamor Doll!

  6. Gold Dusk Says:

    Wow, it's amazing how much better the colours look wet!

  7. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Prettypeaches - I heart Junebug!

    Zerin - It's the prettiest gold I've ever seen!

    Ash - I was interested in the quads too but I have similar MUFE dupes. I do love the pigments foiled (and the gold one dry). I think I might order more.

    Abby - yeah I don't know why but it looks a third emptier than the rest. It's a gorgeous colour though.

    Tahnee - I've never tried Glamour Dolls but I do love these pigments I got. I'm gonna place another order next month.

    Gold Dusk - they all look better wet, though Goldilux can still be worn dry

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