March 4, 2010

Happy Thursday everyone! Today's poll is pretty brief, as in there's only a "yes" or "no" answer or you can select "other" and elaborate more here.

I was selecting my makeup today and realized that ever since it started getting warmer here and I can smell spring coming, I'm definitely gravitating towards spring colours. These days I tend to reach for pastel colours and bright pink lipsticks. I've noticed I do the same at the beginning of every season; when fall is coming I start wearing my vampy lipsticks, I do frosty white, silver and blue at the begining of winter, pastels at the start of spring and gold/bronze eyes and nude lips at the beining of summer. However, in every season, as time passes, I notice that my makeup colour/application changes depend on my mood. I no longer care what the season is, I just do as I please.

What is your take on seasonal makeup? Do you follow any rules or are you a rule breaker?

2 Responses to "Thursday Poll - Seasonal Makeup"

  1. Amira Says:

    Mmmm depends... i would say the only thing that changes for me is when i just don't wear anything in summer when it's too hot - because it doesn't stay on anyway. Other than that, it's very often bold eye makeup!

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Amira - good to see other ppl who aren't season specific. I also forgot to mention in my post that there are colours that def look better on me when I have a tan (i.e., in the summer)

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